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Founded in 2003, is located in China town of mold - Ningbo. Located in the industrial park, Jiangbei District, east of Road 329, south of Ningbo to Ningbo West Ring Road, North Second Ring freight station, city line, traffic is very convenient. The company is mainly engaged in R & D and production of special equipment. Specializing in the manufacture of metal profiles, roll forming line and metal, PVC, TPE and other composite extrusion molding line, three-dimensional automatic stretch bending machine, linear / arc servo tracking cutting machine. This equipment is mainly used for the production of automobile door and window frames, glass slide, water tank, body seat rails, door rails, door inner / outer belt, window glass windshield trim, roof trim, front / rear bumper beam forming section and bending, but also can be used for electric vehicle wheel rims, and self molding rolling wheel, a wide range of applications.

Finishing process of die making

A mold is made with a large group of spare parts, spare parts quality directly affects the quality of the mold, and the final quality of the part is made of fine processing to complete the guarantee, ......

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